Smokey the Clown Animated Fog Spitter


Smoky has had way too many stogies, and now he’s fogging up the place with his horrendous exhalations !! This clown has a hard plastic frame under his poly-fabric shirt and shroud with an attached 110 volt motor that turns his head from side to side. Comes with two creepy bony hands to complete the look. Just stuff the sleeves of the shirt, fire up the creepy music, feed the zombies in your basement, hook up the hose to your fog machine, and let the creepiness begin !!!

Hand-Painted. Stands 2ft Tall with 3ft connector and hose attachment that is compatible with most standard 400w/700w/1000w fog machines. Connector is not compatible with low lying fog machines.

***Note*** You provide the Fog Machine and the Fog Juice. We provide the screams !!

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