Mark Alfrey's Prosthetic Makeup for Beginners DVD

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Demonstrations from a group of Hollywood's finest make-up effects artists.

Mark Alfrey - (From Dusk Till Dawn, Nip/Tuck) will design and sculpt a head and neck.

Brent Baker - (Lost Boys, Spiderman) will present his tried and true technique for lifecasting a model

Pedro Valdez - (Independence Day, Spiderman 2) will take you through the process of molding the sculpted facial pieces.

Chris Hampton - (The Passion, Van Helsing) will make the foam latex appliances that are the characters face and neck.

Michael Pack - (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Planet of the Apes) will show you how he creates flexible custom fitting teeth.

Chris Hansen - (Angel, Underworld) will put some color in our characters face.

Malia Levin - (BET Awards, Corpses) will show you an "out of the kit" way to give our character a head of hair.

Bart J. Mixon - (Robocop, Hellboy) will apply the make-up to our model.

Special Bonus:The TOM BURMAN Interview. A veteran of special make-up effects, Tom Burman discusses his early days in the business and how his work on the 1968 film, "Planet of the Apes" changed the way Hollywood and the world view this unique artform.

Running Time Aprox. 120 minutes.

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