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Night Before Christmas Digital Decoration


 These New DVDs are a quick and easy way to bring your Christmas Yard Display to the next level without breaking the bank.  Night Before Christmas is a DVD with several different Santa Scenarios for you to select and play on your TV, Computer Monitor or Projection Screen.

Jolly ol’ Saint Nick makes his yearly appearance on the most anticipated evening of the year. A follow-up to Santa’s Visit, this joyful digital decoration re-imagines this heartwarming night with extended scenes, new display modes, and a live-action Santa Claus. 

Simply insert the DVD into your player, select the desired effect and then place the screen where you want the effect to be seen.  The DVD will loop the selected effect automatically and each different scene comes with its own professional soundtrack.

 Delight your holiday guests with a surprise visit from Jolly Old Saint Nick, or transform any television into a cheerful Yuletide fireplace with mischievous elves. Each effect includes both musical and ambient sound medleys, allowing you to create your perfect holiday environment.

Each effect has different run times.

Night Before Christmas Includes:

Vignette 1: All Through The House--

Vignette 2: Holiday Hearth

Singing Santa: Three Christmas Carols

Speaking Santa: Two Stories

To display an effect, simply hook your DVD player up to a projector, TV or monitor and use your remote control to select an effect from the DVD menu. After that, you can use your own creativity to decide where and how to use the effect !

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