Tricks and Treats Digital Decorations DVD


The Manor is excited to bring to its fellow minions a fantastic digital Halloween decorations collection of the most undead kind !!  These fantastic Digital Decorations will work best on a large flatscreen television or using a projector. 

Various settings allow you to change the projection style from perhaps a beam (ie spotlight) to a strobing effect.

Create your own zombie apocalypse with hordes of vicious undead that smash through walls and windows and seek out their next grisly meal.


Zombie Invasion Includes:


Zombie Swarm

       A swarm of zombies gathers outside of a window, desperately trying to break through the glass.


Zombie Shadows

       Shadowy clusters of zombies loom behind frosted glass.


Plaster Disaster

       Ravenous zombies punch and claw their way through a plaster wall.


Unexpected Guests

       Startle your guests with a horde of zombies that unexpectedly lunges towards a glass window.


Broken Barricades

      Zombies smash their way through a boarded-up window and are greeted with a spray of bullets from a group of prepared survivors.

Wandering Horde

       A horde of wandering zombies mindlessly shambles past a window.


Zombie Attack

       A helpless man is overpowered by a horde of hungry zombies.


Zombie Feast

       An unlucky victim meets his grisly end.

These effects look best when the monitor is placed in a window for the most realistic effect possible and most can be changed from vertical to horizontal. 

For a sneak peek check out a the sample video in the 'Additional Info' section:

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