Unliving Portraits Digital Decorations DVD


These New digital decorations are a quick and easy way to bring your haunt to the next level without breaking the bank.  Ghostly Apparitions is a disk with 5 different effects for you to select and play on your TV, Computer Monitor or Projection Screen.  Simply insert the DVD into your player, select the desired effect and then place the screen where you want the effect to be seen.  The DVD will loop the selected effect automatically and each different scene comes with its own sound effects.

Each effect has different run times. Unliving Portraits has 4 different effects including:

Withering Heights:
Watch a young woman slowly decay before your very eyes.

Eyes on You:
Creepy portraits keep an eye on potential victims.

Living Nightmare:
One for the startle effect as a portrait jumps out as a demon.

Family Feud:
These three portraits look normal enough until they begin to fight one another in their frames (Very Cool !)

These effects look best when the monitor is placed in a window for the most realistic effect possible and most can be changed from vertical to horizontal. 

For a sneak peek check out a the sample video in the 'Additional Info' section:

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