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Reconditioned : Basement Ghoul Collector Mask

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Someone has gotten into their mother's wigs after watching Hitchcock's "Psycho" too many times. Still, though it sits chained in the manor's basement all day, it still has some fight left in it .. A minion would be wise not to dig around in its food bowl if it values the use of his/her fingers. You have been warned !!

This is a full over the head latex mask with multiple layers of paint for the very best quality mask.  Please note we have VERY limited quantities and we will receive no more after this supply runs out.

Your satisfaction on this item is Guaranteed.

Disclaimer: (A small portion of our mask stocks were inundated with water in a recent flood and the minions can't sell them as new, so we cleaned them up, gave them a new dusting of corn starch on the interior and will send them on their way, our pain is your gain so to speak !)

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