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Reconditioned : Sea Hag Witch

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Sculpted by Justin Mabry

Look for the location where the saltiest sea meets the murkiest riverbank and you will find the Sea Hag waiting for unsuspecting visitors to put into her cauldron.

With her bulging eye, hook nose, missing teeth, warts, and light brown scraggily hair, the Sea Hag is the perfect representation of a witch. The Sea Hag is a three quarter mask with a burlap hood that cinches under the chin for the perfect frightful look.

The Sea Hag was sculpted by Justin Mabry to give you the ultimate Scary Witch Halloween Mask.

Disclaimer: (A small portion of our mask stocks were inundated with water in a recent flood and the minions can't sell them as new, so we cleaned them up, gave them a new dusting of corn starch on the interior and will send them on their way, our pain is your gain so to speak !)




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