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Deluxe Alien Overlord Collector Mask

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He needed a host to carry his fragile body around and so what better way than take a human body for transportation. His name is Agamemnon.  Originating from the planetary nebula known as ESO 456-67. Agamemnon traveled great distances to our pale blue planet after his home world was destroyed in a supernova.

He is rumored to be the principal architect of the ancient citadel of Mycenae, with the help of his twin brother Thyestes. Surviving for centuries among the populace of Athens, Agamemnon has decided that world domination is within his grasp !

  Overlord is a full 26" tall and 11" wide and has foam pads on the interior to allow for a more snug fit.

This is a full over the head latex mask with multiple layers of paint for the very best quality mask.  Please note we have VERY limited quantities and we will receive no more after this supply runs out.

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