Halloween Masks 2019

Goosebumps : Slappy the Dummy (Vacuform)


Sculpted by Justin Mabry

Scholastic Media and Trick or Treat Studios are proud to present from Goosebumps, Slappy the Dummy Vacuform Mask. The Slappy Vacuform mask is highly detailed and sculpted to perfection by our VP of Art Direction, Justin Mabry.

The mask is made from Vacuform, which is a hallow plastic connected with an elastic band, a true throwback to Halloween Masks of the 1960's.

So pick up a Slappy the Dummy Vacuform Mask for Halloween and give all your friends goosebumps. Just make sure you don't say the magic words..... "Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano"......or your Halloween may turn into a true horror!

©2017 Scholastic Media.

Still creepy .. the minions are wary of this creature.

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