Sculpted by Erich Lubatti

Yet another tragedy has fallen upon Trick or Treat Studios.

Trick or Treat studios was lucky enough to get their hands on the teleportation pods from the movie The Fly.  Now of course they didnメt think these things worked, so Lauren Zephro, Photographer, decided to test out one of her new cameras and convinced one of the Painters to get in the pods for a photo opportunity.

  Erich Lubatti turned the pods on for the effects of the light and smoke and low and behold, the pods turned on and the Painter was teleported to the other pod in the casting room.  When the pod door opened, out came a horrible monstrosity they call Arachnoid.

Our onsite expert in Chromosomes determined that a Spider was in the pod with our Painter.  Now our Painter is still very functional even in her Arachnoid state, so Erich Lubatti made a mask of this incredible looking half Human, half Spider and we decided to put it in production.

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