Toxictoons Gluten Freak


  Direct from the demented mind of Eric Pigors, comes one of the craziest Zombies in the world of the Toxictoons, the Gluten Freek.

  Every Halloween night, this horrific Zombie attaches his burlap jack-o-lantern mask to his face and stalks trick-or-treaters to steal their candy bags.  And as you can see from his teeth, the Gluten Freek has a sweet tooth for candy corn.

  This amazing Zombie Halloween Mask was sculpted by Aaron Lewis and has all the characteristics that make the Gluten Freek one of the oddest Toxictoon masks.

   This Halloween mask is from a line of very detailed and high quality Halloween props. They look as good in person as they do in the picture.  All of these masks will come with eyes slits cut. 

  This is a full over the head latex mask with multiple layers of paint that will blow you away.  

  Your satisfaction on this item is Guaranteed. 

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