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Jester Fear Face by Ray Villafane


Bring instant life to your pumpkin patch with our Jester fearful face ! Each pumpkin face replica is cast with durable, weatherproof, hardened foam from an actual carving created by Ray Villafane's studios.  Add them to your carved pumpkin patch to create a whimsical and entertaining display.

Each carving represents many hours of work by Ray Villafane who is considered the world's best pumpkin carver.  These prop decorations capture the detail and expression that Ray bestows upon all of his pumpkins.

The Jumpin' Jester Fear Face is flat on the back with a wall hook that allows for the creative decorating of walls, doors, gardens, manor dungeons, random monster moats, or anywhere your undead heart might desire !

Dimensions: 10" x  7" x  3"

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